Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thaana font and keyboard for Android Phones

Android OS has embedded endless fear in the hearts of the jealous Apple fans. Whether you believe it or not, the open source operating system has truly put smart phones in the hands of not just insanely rich people, but everyone. We love you Google. So you are here because you probably need to type Thaana (probably for commenting on social media sites). And man! you are at the right place. Just hang on for a while. Disclaimer: don't hold me responsible if your phone gets bricked or explodes!

 1.Root your phone. you can easily root your phone with SuperOneClick (freeware).
Make sure you have "Super User" and "Busy Box" apps installed (normally after rooting you will have these apps installed by default).

 2. Download and copy the file to the root of your SD card.

 3.Boot into recovery mode, to do this:
Turn off the phone
 Samsung: Hold VolumeUp+Center Button+Power
 HTC: Hold VolumeDown+Power
Your phone will go into recovery mode.
 (The specifics on how to enter recovery mode depends on the manufacturer and device. So use Google to find out how you can get into recovery mode)

 4.Select the "update from zip" option in the recovery menu and select the file on your SD card and OK it.
 5.Wait until the update finishes.. and reboot your phone.

 6. Find "MultiLing Keyboard" application in your  drawer and open it.
 Select Enable MultiLing Keyboard from the menu and select MultiLing Keyboard.

 7. Go back and select "Enable Languages" option. Check use "MyAlpha font" and Scroll down to select Dhivehi Language

8. Now open Messaging and Compose a new message

9. Select the input field and hold down to bring up the  input method selection menu, and select "input method". Now Select “MultiLing Keyboard”  from the selection menu.

10.Once the "MultiLing Keyboard" is installed and enabled,  all you have to do is touch and hold the space bar, and select “Dhivehi”, to change the keyboard to dhivehi.
12. You are done.. Congratulations!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is it true that Dhiraagu is broken?

Update1: Some of the links have been fixed by Dhiraagu since then.

Web surfers like you and me hate it like hell when we see 404 (Page not found) errors. This happens because the website is not properly maintained or simply because of poor design. Its very difficult to believe when companies like Dhiraagu slaps on our face with a 404! Hello Dhiraagu, I am a loyal customer... but I just can't take the 404 slap. So I decided to slap you back with this post.

Broken links/resources that I found on the official Dhiraagu Website: 

These are just the ones that I came across. Possibly there are more of them.
So what are you going to do? Call 123 and slap them???

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ultimate online security explained

Codexero Blog - Ultimate online security explained.

You are probably here because you are concerned about the security and privacy of your online presence. You maybe shocked to know that major search engines and social networks like Google,Yahoo, Bing and Facebook keeps track of what you search and which other websites you visit. In this article I am briefing about password security, email encryption and online privacy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Supporting the 20K campaign!

The brutal autocratic government of Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom was replaced by president Nasheed by the peoples' choice. During the campaign Nasheed promised cheaper and affordable food, housing and transport. However within two years after he was seated, prices went high, private land was ripped away from the owners and we are witnessing rising air transport costs. More than 30% of Maldivians are jobless because they have no opportunity. And surprisingly the government is repeatedly "urging" the jobless but talented youth to come forward and be helpful to themselves and the country! OK, we came forward to find a few opportunities for youths holding the ruling party's membership. And now what? Members of the parliament are getting extremely high wages and bonuses. Recently they passed a bill unanimously approving a 20k bonus. Some MP's later retrained from taking the bonus due to rising public riots and campaigns against the 20k bonus. The following video is a part of the 20k campaign. Watch now!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dhivehi Websites - all that I found.

These are some of the websites I came across. All these websites are in thaana font. You are most welcome to suggest more dhivehi websites or blogs to add to the list.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thaana font installer for everyone.

Dear fellow Maldivians.
When we thought that our language and alphabet were on the verge to extinction we were blessed with the freedom of expression. The new era of freedom cut loose the talented journalists and bloggers living in deep dungeons and caves. The result? News and information in the form of Magazines, broadcasts and electronic media started to show on air,cloud and shelves. Font installation is an easy process, but there is a little chance that there are less priviledged fellow Maldivians who find it difficult to find thaana fonts and install them on their PC. So I decided to create this little utility called the Codexero Thaana font installer for all you guys. There are two versions available, which are the 64-bit version and the 32-bit version.
Download the 64-bit version for newer PCS/Laptops
Download the 32-bit version for older PCS/Laptops

So, enjoy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Damn tiny computers for developers and geeks.

Globalscale DreamPlug 036000291452 GHz Class Linux ServerWe are living in a very blessed age, with information super highways and terabytes of data at our finger tips. Tablets, laptops and smart phones are cool, but geeks with innovative ideas and lust for entertainment and control would love plug computers.
Plug computers are tiny computers mostly running Linux operating system. Features and components vary from device to device. Some of the plug computers have HDMI ports, USB ports, Ethernet ports, Wifi and expansion card slots. You can connect a portable hard disk to one of the USB ports and use the device as a DLNA server which streams audio and video to supported devices.

There are hundreds of uses including Security surveillance, web hosting, Media streaming etc.
A good practical use would be developing and deploying an IM bot which executes certain tasks such as updating your Facebook status, Sending an SMS etc, when you message the IM bot. Cool huh! All you need to do is command the bot through your favorite chat application.

What about running Smoothwall on the device? Smoothwall is a powerful open source firewall for the Linux OS. If your router's built-in firewall isn't enough for you, then Smoothwall is the answer.

In fact some of these devices are a development platform, on which you can deploy various applications. Its definitely a must have gadget for the geeky Geeks. Enjoy!